Sustainability Appraisal & Strategic Environmental Assessment Services

The Scott Hughes Design Sustainability team has over 10 years of experience in undertaking SA / SEA for a wide range of different plans.
Our services include providing all stages of SA/SEA and also ‘critical friend’ services, assisting Local Authorities / other organisations in undertaking their own SA/SEA.

What is Sustainability Appraisal?

Sustainability Appraisal (SA) is a process which assesses the likely social, economic and environmental effects of adoption of a development plan. A key outcome is the identification of measures to ensure that significant adverse effects of the plan are either avoided or mitigated, and that any potential beneficial effects are enhanced. It can be applied to any type of development plan, from a site master plan to a Local Plan at the Local Authority level. Our approach to SA is to ensure that sustainability considerations are integrated within the plan itself.
SA also frequently incorporates Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). SEA is a requirement of EU Directive 2001/42/EC. Although the statutory requirements for carrying out SA and SEA are separate, it is recommended by the UK Government to satisfy both through a single, but integrated process.

Case Study:                                                                                                     SA/SEA of the Blaby District Delivery Development Plan Document

Blaby District is located in Leicestershire to the south west of Leicester. It includes suburban areas on the outskirts of Leicester, towns and villages and a significant area of countryside.
We provided SA/SEA services for Blaby District Council to assist them in production of their Delivery Development Plan Document (DPD) which will identify the proposed locations for housing, employment and other developments across the District and include several policies to support these. The Delivery DPD will form the second part of the District’s Local Plan. Our scope of work included:

*Preparing an updated SA Scoping Report
*SA of the Regulation 18 Delivery DPD, including assessment of policy    and site options, and producing the draft SA Report .
*SA of the publication Draft Delivery DPD, including review of changes   to existing policies / sites, assessment additional policies and site and    producing the SA Report.

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